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About Me

My Short Story

Thank you if you're here at the "About Me" page! 

I'm a creative trying to add some hopefully half-way decent images and objects that can reflect on our time while resonating with people, and contribute to an already fascinating and incredibly rich and talented tapestry known as "The Arts". 

The pieces explore both the literal and figurative as the images are recognizable, yet presented as a thought, idea, or story. 

Besides working with paint and photography, I enjoy repurposing and up-cycling through art to help limit the amount of stuff that ends up in our landfills. You'll see that in some of the work on the "Gallery" page.

My Mission / Vision

The main goal is to continue to produce interesting and original work that introduces a certain perspective on life that can engage people and continue to grow an audience. 

Also, I'll be out there visiting other artists' studios to support the awesome work being produced out there, get some inspiration, collaborate, and network with some great people. 

Stay tuned for the "Blog" page and socials posts for more!

What People Are Saying

Your paintings keep getting better! Dude I love it!

- Chris Bender -

Steve, this is excellent work! Very well done my friend!

- Daniel Chamberlain -

Really great work Steve!!

- Renee Robinson -

Beautiful! Just beautiful.

- Boris Mirchev -

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