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Steve Paterson - digital portfolio and art space

explore the artist and some unique and original work

Steve Paterson

Originally from: Toronto, ON

Living and working: Halifax, NS

Launching this collection of work in this format feels a little like dropping an album, as I'd prefer a live exhibition. I hope each viewer can connect with at least a few of the pieces in the Gallery like they might with songs by a favorite musical artist. I try to be new and original, and truly put heart and soul into my work. Of course experiencing art is subjective, and it's impossible to appeal to everyone. Have a look, I hope you enjoy it. Cheers.

My Forms of Visual Art

Acrylic Painting

Mixed Media - Photography and Acrylic

Mixed Media - Sculptural and Found Object

All photography used in this work has been taken by me.

Please Contact Me For More Information & Purchasing.

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